Carbine Accessories

Hi-Point® Firearms Carbine Accessories


To place a Hi-Point® accessory order online, visit You may also call to order Hi-Point® accessories at 419-747-9444 (option 1).

We do not handle repair or warranty issues by e-mail. Please call 419-747-9444 (option 2). Have model and serial number ready. This number is also valid for parts or manuals.

Red Ball 20-round mag for 9TS carbine
Mag holder w/ 2 Red Ball 20-rnd mags for 9TS
RedBall 20-round mag for 45 carbine
995 carbine 10-round magazine
995 ProPac
3895 carbine 10-round magazine
4095 carbine 10-round magazine
4095 ProPac
4595 carbine 9-round magazine
4595 ProPac
1095 carbine 10-round magazine
1095 ProPac
995 or 3895 carbine magazine holder
4095 carbine magazine holder
4595 carbine magazine holder
1095 carbine magazine holder
Speed Loader
Magazine Pouch
BD Tactical Fabric Rifle Case
Tactical stock forward grip
Textured forward grips
4x scope
BSA RD30 illuminated red dot scope
Konus hunting scope
Hi-Point® carbine cheek-pad
Tactical stock flashlight
Side rail
Tactical stock replacement kit
Tactical stock in house replacement
Tactical stock laser attachment ring
TS laser kit
Custom shrouds