Hydro-dipped Grips
Add some style to your Hi-Point® pistol

C9 and CF380 Hydro-dipped Grips

380/9 Desert Digital

Desert Digital

380/9 Woodland Camo

Woodland Camo

380/9 Pink Camo

Pink Camo

380/9 Military Camo

Military Camo

380/9 Mothwing Winter

Mothwing Winter

380/9 Dark Wood Grain

Dark Wood Grain

380/9 Light Wood Grain

Light Wood Grain

380/9 Dark Burlwood

Dark Burlwood

380/9 Snakeskin


380/9 Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber

380/9 American Flag

American Flag

380/9 Skulls


380/9 100 dollar

100 Dollar Bills

Grip Set for C9 and CF3809
Our new hydro-dipped grip panels can add a fresh new look to your Hi-Point® pistol.
Not only do they add new visual flair to your firearm, they add an additional tactile feel to the grip.
With several patterns to choose from, you are bound to find one to fit your personal style.
Each set includes both right and left side grip panels.
Hydro-dipped grips will last for many years under normal range use but excessive impact can result in damage to the Hydro-dipped finish. As such, other than factory defects the coating cannot be covered under the Hi-Point® Lifetime Warranty.
Additional features:

Grip set MSRP: $17.00
Pink Camo
Desert Digital
Carbon Fiber
Snake Skin
Woodland Camo
Military Camo
Dark Wood Grain
Light Wood Grain
US Flag
$100 Bills