Hi-Point encourages you to join the NRA.

Click for a link to the NRA website.


Hi-Point is proud to stand up for our Second Amendment rights.

Our constitutional rights are being challenged by many in Washington and it’s time for all Americans to stand up and have our voices heard!

Hi-Point encourages you to support the National Rifle Association in their battle to preserve our freedom to own and purchase firearms of our choosing. We strongly urge you to contact your state and federal legislators and demand representation on this important issue. Use your vote to say NO to those who would dilute our constitutional rights and our ability to protect our families and freedoms.

We invite you to get involved and help protect our rights. Click to learn more about quality organizations and activities that promote gun safety and the shooting sports.

The Hi-Point Warranty

All Hi-Point firearms carry a lifetime, "no-questions asked warranty."

Whether you are the original purchaser, or the third-hand owner, your Hi-Point firearm will be repaired free of charge.